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Business and Civil Litigation

Business & Civil Litigation Lawyers in Rancho Cucamonga, San Diego & Pasadena

At SRG Law Group, we believe that when it comes to cases that require business & civil litigation, an aggressive approach is necessary. Part of such an approach should include seeking relief for our client’s while making financially sound decisions. We will encourage and procure an aggressive approach to promote the protection of our client’s position, but also to promote settlement.  In business, just as in the practice of litigators, time is money and resources. Delaying the settlement of claims that could be resolved with the use of less time and resources increases the costs of litigation and diminishes the client’s return from any litigation case. SRG Law Group has offices in the Inland Empire, San Diego and Pasadena and is equipped & committed to provide a prompt and aggressive approach to business litigation cases without losing sight of the importance of settlement discussions and amicable resolution.

Cases we routinely handle include:

  • Contract disputes & breach
  • Partner Disputes
  • Lawsuit defense
  • Investment fraud
  • Fiduciary responsibilities
  • Antitrust
  • Employment law & defense

Lawsuit Defense Attorneys in Southern California

If you own a business, a corporation or are a high net-worth individual you already understand that you’re a target for lawsuits. SRG Law Group has successfully defended countless claims against our clients for numerous reasons. Whether your opinion of the claim is that it is frivolous or opportunistic, it still needs to be handled with urgency and professionalism to make sure that it is dismissed immediately, or the impact to you and your business is minimized. SRG Law Group defends against lawsuits for businesses and individuals in all jurisdictions throughout Southern California.

Serving the Inland Empire, Los Angeles and San Diego

Our offices in Rancho Cucamonga, San Diego and Pasadena allows us to effectively provide services in most areas of Southern California. Call us today at (855) 999-4004 to discuss your case and schedule a consultation.