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3 Smart Exit Strategies for Small Businesses

All business must eventually come to an end. The life of small businesses is shorter as compared to corporations. After years of putting time and effort into a business, an owner may think that it’s time to retire or tackle other ventures. When it comes to winding down the business, there are a few options […]

How to Reduce the Risk of Employee Litigation & Lawsuits

One in five small and mid-sized businesses faces the risk of employee litigation. The cost of defending such litigation costs an average of $125,000 to the business. But that’s only half the picture when it comes to the effects of employee litigation. Your business reputation may also be hurt due to negative publicity brought upon […]

Creative Commercial Real Estate Disputes & Resolutions

Disputes relating to the commercial real estate are generally high-stakes involving a large amount of money. You should take expert counsel in the event of a commercial property dispute. SRG Law Group is comprised of attorneys who are adept at handling commercial real estate cases can review the documents and work in the best interest […]

The Pros and Cons of Forming a C Corporation

Establishing a corporation is a great way to build legal protection for your business. Your personal assets will be protected from creditors and lawsuits when you incorporate. In addition, incorporating can make it easier to raise additional funds that can be used to grow the business. Many California business owners tend to overlook C Corporation […]