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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Lawyers in the Inland Empire, Los Angeles and San Diego

This area of law is very broad and presents a lot of different challenges in litigation or in the transactional side of the practice. SRG Law Group’s attorneys represented a wide variety of clients in real estate law. Among the types of cases that SRG represents clients in are:

  • Secured transactions
  • Review of documents prepared for secured transactions with real estate property
  • Evaluation of the applicability of anti-deficiency law and one action rule in California
  • Litigation between joint title holders and partition actions

As real estate lawyers in the Inland Empire, San Diego and Los Angeles, we can effectively represent your business anywhere in Southern California. If you have a real estate related legal matter and need to talk to an attorney today, call us at (855) 999-4004 to schedule a consultation at any of our 3 Southern California offices.

Real Estate Litigation Attorneys with Offices in Rancho Cucamonga, San Diego & Pasadena

Among the list of clients from SRG Law Group, we encounter individuals who survived the real estate debacle in the United States, and who constantly need help with either a transaction or with litigation. From the drafting of a lease agreement to the litigation of a fraudulent transaction, SRG Law Group can help you with your legal needs in this area.

Serving the Inland Empire, Los Angeles and San Diego

Our 3 offices in Rancho Cucamonga, San Diego and Pasadena allows us to effectively provide services in most areas of Southern California. Call us today at (855) 999-4004 to discuss your case and schedule a consultation.