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Representative Cases

SRG Law Group – Representative Cases

While we have worked with businesses and corporations large and small, below we have listed some of our representative cases to help showcase our breadth of experience. Since 2005 we’ve served clients throughout Southern California for all matters concerning contract & partner disputes, all business & employment claims, and defense of lawsuits involving you or your business. Contact us today at (855) 999-4004 to schedule a consultation.

2015 – Client was able to avoid significant sanctions for clear violations of the discovery act in CA. On the same date SRG won 5 motions for the Client, including a motion to reopen discovery in the case (after case was set for trial in March 2015). Client has now an opportunity to reopen discovery and prosecute the case despite the constant errors made by client (and/or his counsel in this case) prior to the representation by SRG. The client get’s a second chance to litigate this case, and avoided over 5-10k in sanctions.

Client keeps inheritance account as protected separate property in divorce/dissolution proceedings. SRG successfully defended aggressive attack from opposing party in dissolution proceedings to take client’s recent inheritance because the former spouses are not ding well financially.

2014 – Local business in the Inland Empire decided to “lock-out” partner from business and conduct activity with out his input. SRG filed aggressive lawsuit causing immediate access to the business’ premises and participation of control and management of the business by “ousted” partner/client. SRG succeeded in the preliminary injunction forcing the opposing party to settle.

SRG filed appeal for immigration client who was going to be deported and who would lose not only his business but also his ability to remain with immediate relatives in the USA. appeal was granted and the local court is being forced to provide new trial.

Internet and wireless services company get sued by competitor.

Assisted several non-profit organizations and churches with complicated real estate transactions allowing the entities not only to grow their business but to capitalize in difficult real estate opportunities.

2013 – Civil litigation case against creators of “ponzi scheme” yielded a $200k judgment for clients event after perpetrator filed bankruptcy. SRG pursued the civil claims in Bankruptcy Court and succeeded at getting over $200k judgment against fraudulent agents operating Ponzi scheme. Perpetrators may never discharge the debt to SRG’s client.

Over 2 million dollar suit to employer gets settled for less than 170k; and actual costs of settlement to the client was less than 120k. The client’s company survived the litigation and continued to operate after the aggressive suit.

2013 – Client had judgment against him for over $40k. The client’s savings account was garnished by unknown creditor as client claimed creditor never properly serve client with lawsuit. The judgment had been entered in this case for over 5 years. SRG vacated the judgment, obtained all funds from the savings account to be reimbursed and returned to the client and his spouse, and settled the case for nuisance value.

2012 – Appeal filed in immigration case allows 6 member family to stay together. The client’s case was not strong but SRG was able to use mistake by government attorney to succeed in case.

Our offices in Rancho Cucamonga, San Diego and Pasadena allows us to effectively provide services in most areas of Southern California. Call us today at (855) 999-4004 to discuss your case and schedule a consultation.